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Bendable Hearts - $10.00


18ga Bendable Niobium Hearts

You've asked for them, repeatedly I might add, and now we've got them!

If you're looking for larger gauge (16ga or 14ga) Stainless Steel Hearts, click here. SMALL HEARTS
Each arc measures 5.5mm
Total width from outside arc to outside arc is 12.75mm
Height: From Base of Heart to top of arc is 11.5mm

Each arc measures 6mm
Total width from outside to outside is 13.75mm
Height: From Base of Heart to top of arc is 12mm

18g Niobium is very easy to bend and does not work harden, so this will allow your customers to take out the jewelry if they so desire.

Available Colors:
Ice Blue
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Dream Blue
High Polish - Stainless Steel Color/Silver: Not Pictured (Photo coming soon!)

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