8g Suspension Hook

8ga Suspension Hooks - $7.99


8g Suspension Hooks

If you're not sure what these are used for, check out BME's Suspension and Pulling/Trucking section for more information.

BMEshop offers only high quality products and these hooks are no exception. Our Suspension Hooks are made from Mustad Sea Demon hooks. The original hooks have had their barbs painstakingly removed and then polished to a high quality finish.

8ga hooks are traditionally used for Pulling/Trucking, while the 6ga and 4ga hooks are used for most Suspensions. Some suspensions that use multiple hooks can be done with the 8ga hooks.

While BME supports the DIY community and we strongly support DIY exploration into the amazing and often life changing aspects of body modification and ritual, we strongly suggest performing all suspensions and pulling with help from an experienced professional.

8G: 70mm long with a 7mm eye loop. The distance between the tip and base is 30mm.

Bulk Pricing:
10-49: $6.99
50-99: $5.99
100+: $4.99

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