BME Legal Defense Fund Stickers

BME Legal Defense Fund Donation - $20.00


If you're just looking for stickers, please click here though you'll get more stickers by donating to BME's Legal Defense Fund!

As you probably already know, BME has been mired in legal battles for the past year. We're being sued for no good reason and the tactic the guy suing us is using is to try to bankrupt BME. Please contribute to BME's legal defense by purchasing a random package of stickers. Your sticker purchase will go a long way to helping BME pay for it's mounting legal fees and keep BME alive and kicking throughout this battle.

The levels available are:
Bronze - $20
Silver - $50
Titanium - $100
Gold - $500
Platinum - $1000

These are the set donation amounts for the sticker packages that we have available. Just add the items to your cart and check out. We'll send your stickers out just as we would any other purchase from BMEshop. If you want to donate a different amount, you're welcome to mix and match the options to get to the amount that you want to donate. If you wanted to donate $60 dollars, just add 3 Bronze options to your cart. If you have any questions, please email before placing your order.

Please keep in mind that BMEshop supports BME and helps contribute to paying both BME's day to day expenses but also it's legal bills. We are in need of help from the community and sincerely appreciate any amount you are able to donate.

We will be making a public thank you page so please let us know if you don't want to be included on that page.

Click here to read more information on the lawsuit.

Thank you again for supporting BME.