S.A.F.E. Stone Septum Pincher - $20.00


S.A.F.E. Stone Septum Pincher

These beautiful stone septum pinchers are brought to you by S.A.F.E. which stands for Save Animals From Extinction. All products created by S.A.F.E. come from eco friendly and sustainable animal products. No part of the animal is wasted when it comes to their products. Materials that previously might go unused are hand crafted into organic body jewelry.

While these make great septum jewelry, they can also be worn as earrings. If you want to wear them as earrings, make sure to add two to your cart as they are sold individually!

Available Stones & Sizes:

Black Agate: 4ga & 2ga
Green Agate: 4ga
Hematite: 4ga & 2ga
Moonstone: 4ga
Pink Snake Jasper: 4ga
Red Tiger Eye: 4ga & 2ga
Turquoise: 4ga
Yellow Tiger Eye: 4ga & 2ga

Sold Individually.

Please note, as these items are hand made, that the sizes are approximately 4ga and 2ga. They tend to be slightly smaller than the standard 4ga and 2ga sizes but not larger.