Single Flared Gem Eyelets - $80.00


Industrial Strength has heeded the demand for lower cost high quality multi gem eyelets. These Single Flared Eyelets contain Swarovski Crystals set beautifully in Titanium.

We currently stock White CZ eyelets but can order any color gems. You can place your order through the site for any available gems, in any combination. If you want the all of the gems to be the same color, simply select the gem that you'd like. If you want to alternate gems or any special requests, place your order and then contact us to let us know what your special request is.

Please check the sample color chart for examples of various gems. Not all of the available gems are shown and colors may vary from the photo depending on the computer monitor being used to view the chart.

Contact us if your order has any special requests. Items that are pre-ordered are unable to be cancelled once the item has been ordered for you.

Please allow approximately 5 additional business days for custom ordered eyelets.

Sold in Pairs.

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