Usnea Skin Balm - $9.00


Usnea Skin Balm

The Usnea Balm is excellent for everyday care of piercings.

Suggested Application Directions:
Apply before putting in your jewelry to keep your skin flexible and provide anti-bacterial protection. Also recommended for problem areas; Usnea Lichen's healing properties will soothe irritated skin from 'stretching up' and raw sensitive tissue on and around new tattoos. Moisturizing with an intriguing earthy/mossy scent and locally harvested in the Pacific Northwest.

This travel sized tin is perfect for keeping in your pocket or tucked away in your purse!

Size: 1 oz. tin

Ingredients: Olive Oil infused with Usnea Lichen & Plantain Leaf, Local Beeswax, Oakmoss Absolute